Upcoming Screenings
  Durham, NC TBD        
  KitchenerWaterloo TBD        
  Seatle, WA TBD        
  Los Angeles, CA TBD        
  Boston, MA TBD        
  Chicago. IL TBD        
  Vancouver, BC TBD        
  Nova Scotia TBD        
  Toronto. ON Nov. 13, 2016 Confirmed 4pm Fox Theater - 2236 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1G2  
  Thunderbay, ON August 14. 2016 Confirmed 6pm Finlandia Association  
  Viljandi, Estonia July 9-15 2016   Confirmed    Olustvere Craft Camp 2016  
  Montreal May 31 2016  Confirmed  7:30 pm  St Johns Lutheran Church  
  Ottawa May 28 2016 Confirmed  3pm  Aylmer Heritage Association  
  Tartu, Estonia April 12th 2016  confirmed  TBA  Tartu Elektri Teater  
  Stockholm April 8th, 2016 Confirmed  18:00 Stockholm Estonian house  
  Hamilton, ON Nov. 8, 2015 Confirmed 4pm  Estonian Lutheran Church  
  Estonian Theaters ongoing   See Vabaduse mustrid facebook page    
  Estonia Schools ongoing  TBD Check w schools Check w schools  
  Tallinn, Estonia Nov.27 Confirmed Check w theatre

Tallinnas Mustamäe Kultuurikeskuses Kaja.

   Järva-Jaani, Estonia Oct.29  Confirmed  Check w theatre

 Järva-Jaani Kultuurikeskus


Märjamaa, Estonia

Oct.27  Confirmed  Check w theatre  Märjamaa kinos Helk  
   Tallinn, Estonia  Oct.23 Confirmed Check w theatre 

Kultuurikeskus Kaja Tallinn

  Värska, Estonia  Oct.14  Confirmed Check w theatre Põlva Culture House  
  Võru, Estonia  Oct.11  TBD Check w theatre Võru Culture House “Kannel”  
  Paide, Estonia  Oct.8  TBD Check w theatre Paide Culture House  
  Kuressaare, Estonia  Oct.7 Confirmed Check w theatre Kuressaare Linnateater  
  Viljandi,  Estonia  Oct.7 Confirmed Check w theatre Centre Sakala   
  Haapsalu, Estonia  Oct.8 or 10  TBD Check w theatre Haapsalu’s  Culture House   
  Tartu, Estonia  Oct. 6  Confirmed Check w theatre Tartu Elektriteater   
  Rakvere, Estonia  Oct.11 and 12  Confirmed Check w theatre Rakvere Theater  
  Hiiumaa, Estonia  Oct.9  Confirmed Check w theatre Kärdla Cinema   
  Saaremaa,Estonia  Oct.7  Confirmed Check w theatre  Kuresaare Linnateater  
  Valga, Estonia  Oct.2 Confirmed Check w theatre Valga Kultuurikeskuses  
  Pärnu, Estonia  Oct.5 Confirmed Check w theatre Endla Teater  
   Sargvere Mõis,Estonia  Oct.1 Confirmed Check w theatre

Sargvere mõis

  Tallinn, Estonia  Oct.1--8 Confirmed Check w theatre Cinema Artis  
  Estonia Schools Oct.1 ongoing  TBD  Check w schools    
  Toronto, ON  Sept. 13, 2015 Confirmed 6pm Eesti Kodu  
  Toronto, ON June 28, 2015 Confirmed  2pm   Poster w details  
  Detroit, MI June 21, 2015  Confirmed 12pm recptn 1pm Film  Poster w details  
  Cleveland  April 27, 2015  Confirmed 6 pm  Poster w details  
  New York, NY: April 25, 2015  Confirmed
1:30 pm  Poster w details  
  Lakewood, NJ: April 24, 2015  Confirmed  7 pm  Poster w details  
  Washington, DC: April 21, 2015  Confirmed  6:30 pm  Poster w details  
  Baltimore, MD: April 19, 2015  Confirmed  2 pm  Poster w details  
  North Raleigh, NC: April 18, 2015 Confirmed 1:30pm  Poster w details   
  Glasgow, Scotland: March 6th, 2015 Confirmed 5:30 pm Poster w details  
  Toronto, Tartu College: February 28th, 2015 Confirmed 1 and 7:30 pm Poster w details  
  Toronto, Ehatare: February 18th, 2015 Confirmed 3 pm Poster w details  
  Berkeley, CA: February 10th, 2015 Confirmed 7 pm Poster w details  
  Toronto, Tartu College November 15, 2015  Confirmed 3pm and 7:30 pm    



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